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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Device Networking

Reference: http://www.lantronix.com/device-networking/

Network Enable Equipment

  • Increase efficiency and business intelligence with access to
    remote information in real-time
  • Monitor, manage and network enable equipment over the Internet, from anywhere
  • Improve service, reduce costs
  • Open new markets and generate new, reoccurring revenue streams
M2M (machine to machine) communication is changing the way the business world operates. On the forefront of this emerging market, Lantronix device networking technology is shaping the future of remote equipment management and communications. The ability to manage virtually any piece of electronic equipment over a network or the Internet is a powerful business advantage.
Device Networking Solutions Lantronix offers Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular networking solutions for end users and manufacturers alike. Our embedded modules enable OEMs to add remote access, monitoring and management capabilities to their products. Our products network enable existing/legacy equipment, extending their life and adding an unprecedented level of efficiency and business intelligence to any operation. And Lantronix products offer the highest levels of data security available today.
Our device networking solutions are used in virtually every industry, including industrial and building automation, security, medical / healthcare, retail / POS, transportation, government and many more.