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Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to configute an ip address in Qemu Microcore GNS 3

Here we are going to see how to configure ip address ,default gateway ,,hostname, checking routing table ,and checking ip address on ethernet qemu microcore linux image


Step 1: Create topology like this

Step 2: Configure ip address to router interfaces by entering the command

In R1 Router

R1(config)#interface fastEthernet 1/0
R1(config-if)#ip address
R1(config-if)#no shutdown

R1(config)#interface fastEthernet 1/1
R1(config-if)#ip address
R1(config-if)#no shutdown

Step 3:Now go to one of the qemu host and configure ip address,default gateway using this command

In Qemu 1,to add ip address and default gateway give this command

tc@box:~$ sudo su
root@box:~#ifconfig eth0 netmask up
root@box:~#route add default gw

To check ip address in an ethernet,give this command

root@box:~#ifconfig eth0

To check routing table of Qemu enter this command


Configuring Hostname

root@box:~#hostname PC1

Do this also in Qemu 2

Step 4:Now check the connectivity between your host and router by pinging default gateway that is your router interface ip address


Then ping host in other network


Stop  by pressing Ctrl+C