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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Whose business are industrial still has to have many of the components of a good retail store even though the clientele is different

  • Despite the maturity of the European welding equipment market, technological advances.
  • The increasing use of laser welding equipment will provide the impetus for growth in market revenues.
  • The future of the European welding equipment market depends on the demand form the various end user industries.
  • With most of the end user industries using laser technology and replacing manual welding techniques with mechanised ones.
  • Users are shifting their focus to more reliable and better operating equipment, which can reduce the cost of
    production and automatically address issues related to smoother weld as well as increased productivity.
  • Research and latest welding studies have concluded that the welding quality.
  • Speed can be improved by the use of sophisticated welding equipment and automation of the welding processes.
Reference: http://www.robots.com/articles/viewing/whose-business-are-industrial-still-has-to-have-many-of-the-components-of-a-good-retail-store-even-t