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Sunday, December 09, 2012

RobotStudio Plastics Sales Tool Saves Time and Headache

ABB Robotics has developed a tool to help customers decide if an ABB product will fit their production needs. Whether the customer is very experienced and familiar with industrial automation, or they are buying their first industrial robot, this tool provides many benefits. RobotStudio Plastics Sales Tool allows customers and potential customers to estimate cycle times and cell footprints of ABB 6-axis robots in machine tending applications.
The customer simply follows the six prompts provided by the Cell wizard to create a 3D robotic work cell, allowing even inexperienced users to run simulations. The customer can choose machine type, placement of the ABB robot, type of insert and part produced, and post-processing stations and the 3D model is generated automatically and ready to be simulated.
Benefits for Customer
Using a computer-generated 3D model poses less risk for the customer. Estimates don’t have to be based off of hand drawings or theoretical estimates. The ABB Robotics Plastics Sales Tool also saves the customer time in several ways. Included in the software is a large library of different stations and molded parts that the customer can use to customize their cell. Even the most experienced customers who have their own CAD drawings can either upload their drawings to the program or can draw from the library to create their own work cells and save the time uploading.
With RobotStudio Platics Sales Tool the total time for creating a simulation is typically less than one hour.  This is one hour that the production facility does not need to shut down for tests, since the simulation is on the computer. Also, robot programs will not need to be prepared when the robot arrives. After using the Plastics Sales Tool, the customer should have a good idea of what they want the robot to do and how the workcell needs to be built.