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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Robotics Industry Ready to Make a Big Splash

Technological advances tend to occur in waves. When the computer was first introduced to the market, businesses were slow to adopt them into their everyday usage. Once the benefits of using the computer became apparent, the personal computer became a mainstay in every industry. Other technical innovations, such as robotics, started off strong at one point only to taper off. Initial interest in using automated machines to perform routine tasks such as welding, packaging and handling hazardous materials was high. Unfortunately, the price and the availability of quality machines did not meet the expectations of industry. Since that time, inventors have steadily improved the features of these automated devices, and they are poised to make a major comeback.
Recent economic worries have lead many businesses to reconsider their budgets and alter the way their operation runs. Downsizing and eliminating unneeded positions has become the norm in recent years. Some work processes cannot be reduced without significantly impacting the profit margin of the corporation. For those tasks that form the backbone of many industries, considering robotics may be the solution to budget woes. The price of robotics has dropped and improvements in their functionality allow them to be easily incorporated into many of the manual activities that need to be performed.
Besides offering a better value for long term investment, the use of robotics in manufacturing can result in a more uniform production of goods. Robots have the distinct advantage of being able to accomplish the same task with the same level of precision whether they are doing it once or a million times. They also offer speed and can work for long periods without taking a break. After an initial investment to install and test the equipment, costs associated with using the machines to run operations drop significantly.
While there is some concern that the field of robotics may mean fewer jobs are available for people, the exact opposite is true. The less desirable work and more tedious tasks can be performed by the robots while humans can take on more responsible roles that offer better variety. Threats of injury can be eliminated as the machines will perform those tasks that are deemed more risky. With all the advantages that technology can provide to the modern workplace, it appears that the robot is ready to make a splash in the industrial world.

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