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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Release of ABB Robotics’ RobotWare 5.09

In May 2007, ABB Robotics released a new version of their IRC5 robot controller’s software RobotWare. RobotWare 5.09 allows for easier use of commissioning and operation. The new edition of the RobotWare software includes updates for the software itself, updates in robotic application capabilities, and updates for the FlexPendant monitor.
Software Updates
ABB Robotics addressed the issue of connectivity with the addition of Ethernet/IP used for connecting to fieldbus slave interfaces. The RobotWare software now includes the ability to control four DeviceNet channels. The new Electronic Position Switches on the FlexPendant monitor received some additional support. The Electronic Position Switches replaced mechanical switches and require no maintenance and more flexibility.
Updates in Robotic Application Capabilities
The PickMaster 5 software was integrated into the new edition of RobotWare. PickMaster 5 offers the user to configure a palletizing project offline and then transfer it to the controller when it is done. RobotWare 5.09 also includes updates for spot welding applications. Users can now use servo and pneumatic guns at the same time. Efficiency, in terms of limiting production stops, has also been addressed.

Positioners and other axes can now be adjusted during robot movement. Sophisticated process equipment, like lasers, are now easily controlled through precise ramping of analog outputs. The software also allows sensors to detect the speed of ongoing movements and allows the speed to be changed while the robot is moving.
Updates for the FlexPendant Monitor
Programmers can now debug background tasks directly on the FlexPendant, a feature that has been much anticipated. Ease of use of the FlexPendant means ease of use in programming and running the robotic system. RobotWare 5.09 only exposes the programmer to relevant information on the screen through selection of motion instruction arguments. The RAPID program was also sped up, minimizing cycle times in vision applications.