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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Learn About the COSI Robots

Learn About the COSI Robots
They may not look like Transformers, R2D2, or Wall-E, but industrial robots are just as exciting!

Have you met Rivet and Bolt our two disco dancing, puzzle-assembling robots at COSI Columbus? These Motoman K3S models are fast, tough, and flexible. They can lift 3kg and reach as far as 859mm!
See Robots in Action! Visit the video section.

Robots Take on Tough Jobs:

If "Rivet" and "Bolt" weren't busy teaching kids at COSI about robotics, they would probably be employed welding or moving products from conveyors. 

Robots are hard at work in every industrial sector - from manufacturing and food production to pharmaceuticals and distribution. It's no mystery why companies rely so heavily on robots. When it comes to palletizing, welding, assembling, painting, cutting, and other jobs, robots are up to the challenge.
Industrial robots are known for their speed, accuracy, and efficiency. They save time, dollars, and lives. Robots are also at ease with tedious tasks (sorting, packing) as well as hazardous jobs (foundry, painting).

How Do Industrial Robots Work?

Cool Moves:
The industrial COSI robots are built with six axes of movement. These axes work like joints in a human arm - allowing the robot to extend, turn, twist, and bend. The longer the segments between joints, the farther the arm can reach. The space that the robot can reach is called the work envelope.

Robot Brains: Industrial robots are powered with electricity. The brains of the robot are housed in a metal cabinet called the controller. These electronic components store information for the robot and direct its movements. Robots have batteries located in the controller and arms that are used to store positioning data.  

How Robots Learn: Robots are programmed using a handheld teach pendant. Robot engineers used the software on this tool to communicate with the controller.  
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