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Sunday, December 09, 2012

ABB Robotics’ IRC5 Controller and RobotWare Software

Picture of ABB IRC5 controller and teach pendantABB Robotics released a controller, the IRC5, to be used in conjunction with ABB’s controller software, RobotWare, in 2004.
ABB’s IRC5 Controller
Combined with RobotWare, the ABB IRC5 controller provides users with many benefits including superior motion control, flexibility, usability, safety, and shorter cycle times. These qualities help manufacturers become more productive by decreasing downtime, maximizing working time, and keeping workers safe and on the job.
The IRC5 utilizes the FlexPendant, a color touch screen with a 3D joystick. The FlexPendant includes electric position switches, which are upgrades from the electro-mechanical switches of earlier controllers. The FlexPendant uses RAPID programming language to transmit data to and from the controller. The IRC5 system also features remote robot monitoring via standard communication networks.
ABB’s RobotWare 5.08 and Upgrades
When ABB updated their RobotWare software to the 5.08 version, they updated more than just the version number. ABB Robotics introduced their "Weld Data Monitoring" in the new version. This addition allows users to see the welding parameters and also allows traceability. The new software also allows companies in the foundry industry to utilize industrial automation by incorporating machining operations. These additions further ABB’s commitment to enhance cycle times and efficiency in general.
Since the upgrade to RobotWare 5.08, ABB Robotics has upgraded to RobotWare 5.13, which offers conveyor tracking, compatibility with new paint robots, improved online and offline content, and improved usability.