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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is Firewall?

What is Firewall?
Firewall is a security system consisting of hardware or software to prevent unauthorized access of a computer or a network. The main purpose of firewall to manage the incoming and outgoing traffic between different networks. In other word firewall provide controlled traffic path if different trust levels. The software firewall is generally less expensive, easy to configure than hardware firewall. Firewall is very important for those users who are using cable Internet and DSL connection.
Firewall protects your computer or networks from unauthorized remote login, Backdoors applications, Operating system bugs, E-mail attack, Viruses, Spam and Source routing. You can customize your firewall according to your need and security level. You can filters different sources for example your IP addresses, Ports, domain name and protocols.
Now days many Operating system supports built-in firewall for example windows XP, window 2003 but you can use any third party firewall software or hardware for this purpose.