Running Vanishing Console Programs With A Click!, Ever had a console program that vanis...

 Ever had a console program that opens a console window, executes, and vanishes in an instant? Just so that running console programs becomes easier for you, here's some shit i wrote ONLY FOR WINDOWS XP:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Run at Console"

@="cmd /k \"echo Executing (Press Ctrl+C to end program)...&&\"%L\"&&pause&&exit\""

@="Run at Console"

@="cmd /k \"echo Executing batch script...&&\"%L\"&&pause&&exit\""

Put that in a file called run_at_console.reg and double click on the file. Click Merge. Then try right-clicking on any console program. You should see a new option called Run at Console. That will cause console programs to run and pause for you to press a key before exiting. Good luck!

PS. And for those who don't know how to copy text from a Command Window, right click on the Window, and then click Mark. Mark (select) the area that you want to copy and press Enter. Data copied. Now go paste it somewhere.

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